We have worked very hard to make our trails some of the best cross-country skiing you’ll experience in Central Canada. We have over 20 km of beautiful ski trails that offer both classic and skate skiers the chance to experience the magnificent Canadian Boreal Forest. All trails are groomed for classic skiing and almost 7 km of trails also accommodate skate skiing. Our trails are suited for all skill levels from beginner to expert. This is why we can host both the largest gathering of school aged children in Canada (500 in 2005) as well as the Manitoba Provincial Championships.

Our trail system was expanded in 2003 with design assistance from Reijo Puiras who is a former Canadian Olympic cross country skier. Over the years the trails have been widened and more trails have been added to enhance and utilize the beautiful property where we are located. We have a total elevation rise of over 60 meters which will afford you some spectacular views. It will also provide you with some thrilling downhill sections.

Night skiing is available. We recommend bringing a headlamp in case you require additional lighting. If you have never skied at night you are in for quite an experience.

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President: Jackie Hummelbrunner
Vice President: Mark Scheibler
Secretary: Tom Mosindy
Treasurer: Chris Viinikka
Big Bunny: Kay Rasmussen
Todd Burkart (Trails)
Betsy Harris (Coaching)
Paloma Corin (Adult Program)
Kylie Hissa (Social Media & Communications)
Tamara Howard (Mt Evergreen Liaison & Paranordic Program)
Scott Lockhart (Biathlon)
Kim Elke (Registrar)